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Dr.L.Murugan Neurosurgeon

CMC Hospital (CMC & H)

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Christian Medical College & Hospital [CMCH]

Christian Medical College Hospital (CMCH) - click here to visit the CMCH web site

Between June 2000 and June 2003 I worked as a Full time Consultant in Neurosurgery in the Department of Neurological Sciences at Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC & H or CMCH or CMC Hospital) in Vellore. CMCH was started in 1900 by the visionary mission of Dr.Ida S. Scudder. It occupies a prominent place among medical institutions in India (and in the world) as a 2000 bed multi-speciality Hospital. The Department of Neurological Sciences, including the First Neurosurgical unit in India, was started here in early 1949 under the leadership of Dr.Jacob Chandy. Vellore is a couple of hours from Chennai by road or rail. Click on the photo to know more about CMC Hospital.

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