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Dr.L.Murugan Neurosurgeon

Brain and Spine Neuro Clinic

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My outpatient services were also available at 'Brain and Spine Neuro Clinic', No.3, ‘AB’ Block, 2nd avenue, (near Annanagar Tower "Spencer's Daily" - previously known as "Food World"), Anna nagar, Chennai – 600 040, Tamilnadu, India between 7 and 9 PM, Monday to Saturday on Appointment basis (Telephone: 26262943 during office hours). This facility has been temporarily withdrawn.


I am likely to resume out-patient consultations at the ‘Brain and Spine Neuro Clinic’ at No. 60 (old no 45), 1st avenue, ‘F’ Block (near Chinthamani super market), Annanagar east, Chennai – 600102, Tamilnadu, India in the near future.

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