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Dr.L.Murugan Neurosurgeon

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My Family
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My wife and kids

My wife is a homemaker.
Our first son is almost 12 years old and is in his seventh standard at SBOA School & Junior College, Chennai. Our second son is almost 12 days old and spends most of his time at home! [updated Nov.2005]

Click on the photo above to know about my son's school

No! The kid in the photograph below is not either of our sons. It's me - as a kid!!

That's me - as a kid!

Mom & Dad

My mother, Mrs.Jaganmatha Logamuthukrishnan, is a homemaker. My Dad, Prof.K.Logamuthukrishnan, is a Neurosurgeon.


My maternal Grand parents are Mrs.Damayanthi Arunagiri and Dr.A.J.Arunagiri. Both of them are currently residing in Salem, one of the biggest towns in Tamilnadu, India.

My paternal Grand parents were Mrs.Gomathi Ammal Kanthimathi Nathan and Mr.C.Kanthimathi Nathan. They are no more.

If you are interested in viewing some family photos send me an email

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