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Dr.L.Murugan Neurosurgeon

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Contact Me
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My e-mail (email, e mail) address is

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My mailing address & phone numbers are:

MBBS, MCh (Neurosurgery)
Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon
Plot 25 (Old no.64),
4th street, 'F' Block
(near Chinthamani) Anna nagar east
Chennai - 600 102, India

Phone: 26261603, 42612603 and 26262943
In case of an emergency you can call me on my mobile (cell) phone: 9884100910; or you can contact my wife at 9840316093
The area code for India is 91; the Chennai area code is 044.
If you are calling from overseas to India do not use the '0' in '044'.  Use the '0' in '044' only if you are calling from within India.

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